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The HurryCane® – Walk Safely With a Cane

Assistive devices such as the HurryCane® are often used in order to decrease the weight on a lower extremity, such as in injured leg. Canes and other supports help widen a patient's support base, while assisting balance and decreasing strain on the injured limb.

A patient must know how to use a cane properly in order to achieve those goals. Here are some ways to walk with a cane safely on level walking surfaces:

  1. Ensure that you are holding the cane in the hand opposite of the injured side in order to make sure it provides necessary support to the limb.
  2. When the injured limb moves forward, the cane should be advancing with it simultaneously.
  3. When needed, transfer your weight using the arm holding on to the cane.
  4. The uninjured limb should take the first steps forward on level surfaces to determine whether or not the area is safe and so weight transfers comfortably.

Those suffering from arthritis may have limited mobility. When walking, you will be able to receive additional support and improved balance through use of assistive devies. Canes that are used for such measures come in a wide variety of styles.

In order to ensure a proper fit with each patient, canes can be adjusted for height. Many who need a cane wonder how they lived without one for so long. Patients should be aware that canes are not reserved for the elderly, but rather for anyone experiencing mobility issues.

Patients should be aware that canes help people with a variety of conditions including arthritis, disabilities, injuries, and problems involving balance. In addition, canes are helpful in taking pressure off injuries.

The HurryCane® is designed to provide the best possible support. By using the cane as outlined above,you can effectively relieve stress on an injured leg. The HurryCane® and other supports, when used correctly, are a great way to maintain mobility when injured or suffering from a disability.